PAZ is a place of peace and confrontation simultaneously - facing silence and emptiness. Staring at an untouched black board in a silent room, the space where universal challenges emerge.

How do we react to our own mechanical instincts? Do we follow them, do we act against them? Better asked: which part of our instincts should be given the space to develop? Which part of it creates a space for interacting openly with the other?

We aim at bridging the gap between basic means of expression and actual mediums of communication. The primordial act of drawing on a wall arrives simultaneously with the performed music, creating new dimensions where questions reflecting essential societal aspects arise. How do we shape structures of communication that grant the space for the other to exist while keeping our message clear and vibrant? How do we take our place in society? How to interact in a spontaneous but non-invasive way? How do we support each others' individual contributions so they grow into a shared narrative? How do we create societies where everyone has a voice and no one feels isolated in their particular message?

It is an attempt to answer these questions that creates this micro society of three on stage. The ritual like atmosphere pushes us into an area where the subconscious comes within reach; the deliberate exclusion of words or predetermined structures leaves the space open for unique environments to develop.